Other Pain Relievers

March 13, 2015, Dr. B. Thompson

Because tramadol acts as an opiate in humans, some people instantly view the medicine as being more dangerous. However, because of differences in the biological make up of dogs and humans, when given to dogs, the opiate effects are not really a factor. In reality, the medicine can be a safe, effective and long-term strategy for dealing with doggy pains.

That said, if you still wish to look into alternative remedies, here are some of my best suggestions:

1) Glucosamine
2) Chondroitin
3) Dasuquin (Combines Glucosamine, Chrondroitin and ASUs)
4) Rimadyl

A quick note about Rimadyl, it is my personal belief that this medicine is not as safe for dogs as you would imagine, even though it was formulated especially for canine use. Some quick Googling will reveal a very large number of horror stories relating to owners who administer carprofen (generic name for the active ingredient in Rimadyl) to their dogs.


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